Securing Your Child’s Transcripts for Private School Applications: A Step by Step Guide

Understand What Transcripts Include

Academic transcripts typically include grades, coursework, and sometimes comments from teachers across multiple school years. They may also include the results of any standardized tests your child has taken within the school system.

 Requesting Transcripts from Your Child’s Current School

The first step in obtaining your child’s transcripts is to request them from their current school. This usually involves contacting the school’s administrative office or registrar. Each school has its own policy regarding transcript requests, so it’s essential to start this process early.

 Processing Time and Delivery Method

Keep in mind that schools often require some time to prepare the transcripts, and there might be a small fee associated with obtaining official copies. Ask about the expected processing time and delivery method. In some cases, the school may send transcripts directly to the private schools you’re applying to.

 Digital Transcripts

In an increasingly digital age, many schools have transitioned to digital transcript systems. These platforms allow parents to request, view, and send official transcripts electronically. If your child’s school uses such a system, ask for detailed instructions on how to access and use it.

 Privacy Laws

Due to privacy laws, particularly the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in the United States, schools are required to have written permission from the parent or eligible student to release any information from a student’s education record. Be prepared to provide this authorization when requesting transcripts.

To summarize, when obtaining your child’s transcripts for private school applications:

• Understand what transcripts typically include (grades, coursework, teacher comments, etc.).

• Initiate a request for the transcripts from your child’s current school’s administrative office or registrar.

• Allow for processing time and potentially a small fee for official transcripts.

• Utilize digital transcript systems if available and provided by your child’s school.

• Be aware that privacy laws may require you to give written permission for the release of your child’s educational records.

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