Navigating the Private School Admissions Interview: What to Expect

Introduction and Ice Breaker

Generally, the interview will begin with introductions and an ice breaking question. The interviewer, usually an admissions officer or a faculty member, may ask a casual question to help the student feel at ease. It’s an opportunity for the student to start on a positive note and build rapport with the interviewer.

 Personal Questions

The interviewer will likely ask personal questions about the student’s interests, hobbies, strengths, and areas for improvement. They might ask why the student wants to attend this particular school and what they hope to contribute to the school community.

 Academic Questions

Some questions will likely focus on the student’s academic life. They may ask about favorite subjects, challenging courses, or academic achievements. The aim here is to understand the student’s academic interests and dedication to learning.

 Scenario•Based Questions

The interviewer may also pose hypothetical or scenario•based questions to understand the student’s problem•solving abilities and ethical standards. These questions can also provide insights into the student’s leadership skills and ability to work as part of a team.

 Questions for the Interviewer

Typically, the student will also have a chance to ask their own questions. This is a valuable opportunity for the student to demonstrate their interest in the school and to seek more information about aspects of the school they’re curious about.

In summary, during a private school admissions interview, you can expect:

• An ice breaking question to start the conversation.

• Personal questions about interests, hobbies, and individual strengths and weaknesses.

• Questions about academic interests and experiences.

• Scenario based questions to gauge problem solving abilities and ethical standards.

• An opportunity for the student to ask their own questions about the school.

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