Navigating the Private School Application Timeline: Admissions Decisions Unveiled

Starting Early: One Year Before Enrollment

Start your private school application process approximately one year before the intended enrollment date. This provides ample time to understand your child’s needs, research potential schools, and prepare for the application process.

 Research and School Visits: Fall•Winter of the Year Before Enrollment

Begin researching potential schools in the fall. Look for private schools that align with your child’s educational needs and interests. During this period, attend open houses, schedule school visits, and engage with school communities to gain a deeper understanding of each school’s offerings and environment.

 Applications and Testing: Winter•Spring of the Year Before Enrollment

Most private schools have application deadlines between January and March. During this period, gather all necessary application materials, such as transcripts, recommendation letters, and personal essays. Many schools also require standardized test scores, so ensure your child is preparing for any required admissions tests.

 Financial Aid Applications: Winter•Spring of the Year Before Enrollment

If you’re considering applying for financial aid, the application usually coincides with the admissions application timeline. Make sure you understand the school’s financial aid process and submit all necessary documents on time.

 Admission Decisions: Spring of the Year Before Enrollment

Most private schools release admissions decisions between March and April. You’ll typically receive a decision via mail or email. Decisions may include acceptance, denial, or waitlisting.

 Enrollment Decisions: Spring of the Year Before Enrollment

Upon receiving an acceptance, families usually have a few weeks to decide whether to accept the offer. This decision often involves further conversations with the school, revisiting financial considerations, and discussing the opportunity as a family.

In summary, the typical timeline for private school applications and admissions decisions is as follows:

• Begin the process approximately one year before the intended enrollment date.

• Conduct school research and visits during the fall and winter of the year before enrollment.

• Prepare and submit applications, including any required tests and financial aid applications, during the winter and spring.

• Await admissions decisions, typically released in the spring.

• Make final enrollment decisions upon receiving an acceptance, usually in the spring.

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