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ISEE Primary Level (Grade 2)

Welcome to the ISEE Diagnostic Test. This Test Innovators crafted assessment is designed to pinpoint your strong and weak areas, which allows us to pair you with an instructor best suited to your needs. Your designated instructor will use your strengths to help you improve in areas where you may be struggling. If you need a closer look at any images during the test, simply click on them to zoom in or out. We recommend keeping accurate time as you would in an actual exam setting. If you come across a question you're unsure of, it's best to leave it blank; this helps your instructor focus on the exact topics that need further review. Should you run into any issues or suspect any errors, kindly flag and report them to us. Thank you for choosing Private School Path for your educational journey. We're here to assist you at any time, so please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Very long ago, people needed animals to help with chores. They also did not want to be alone. These people trained wolves to help them. Many of these wolves became the dogs known today. A wolf today could not easily become a pet. Because many dogs came from wolves, they look very much alike. Both have four legs and a tail. Their coats are made of fur. This keeps them warm during winter. They both have canine teeth. But wolves have longer, sharper teeth. Their strong jaws can easily crush bones in food. Both dogs and wolves have families. A dog’s family may include people. Many children love to touch and play with dogs. Dogs are given names, food, and a place to sleep. Wolves have a different kind of family. They have family groups called packs. Packs are made up of other wolves. They eat, sleep, and play with their pack. Wolves are wild and powerful creatures. They do not like being around people. They often live in the forest with their pack. Wolves are able to meet their basic needs without humans. They have a strong sense of smell to help them find food and sense danger. Dogs have been trained to count on humans. Their owners give them food, water, and shelter. Dogs would have a hard time being lost in the forest. Dogs and wolves may look alike, but they are really different in many ways. Only one of them makes a good pet. It is clear that it is wise to choose a dog instead of a wolf for a pet.

What is the main idea of the passage?

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According to the passage, why do wolves need a strong sense of smell?

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What is the most likely reason that people trained wolves to help with chores?

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Which best describes the teeth of dogs and wolves?

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What is the most likely reason the author wrote this passage?

What do you like to eat for breakfast? Some children like cereal and milk. Others like hot breakfasts. A hot breakfast might be eggs and toast. Whether you choose a hot or cold breakfast, it is important to choose something healthy.

There are many healthy choices for breakfast. One fun choice is a fruit parfait. The word parfait means perfect in French. I think a fruit parfait makes a perfect breakfast.

You will need to have a few things at home to make a fruit parfait. Ask a parent to help you wash three different kinds of fruit. Berries and bananas are good choices. You will also need yogurt. You can use any flavor. The last item you will need for your parfait is cereal. You can use any kind of cereal that you like.

Begin with a tall glass. Put a small amount of yogurt into the bottom of the glass. Pour a little bit of cereal on top of the yogurt. Then add one or two spoonfuls of fruit. If you use bananas, be sure to slice them first. Now you have the first three layers of the parfait. Add more yogurt to the top of the fruit. Then add more cereal. Finally, add more fruit. Now you have six layers! Your parfait is finished.

Eat your parfait with a spoon and enjoy your perfect breakfast! You will start your day with a healthy choice and have plenty of energy for school and for play.

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What is this passage mostly about?

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According to the passage, which should be done with help from a parent?

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Why does the author most likely think that a fruit parfait is a perfect breakfast?

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According to the passage, which goes into the glass first?

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Cody has 21 rubber bracelets. He gives 3 to Derek, and he gives 6 to Evan. How many bracelets does Cody have left?

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Julie would like to measure the length of her classroom. Which would be the best tool to use?

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